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Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected the most common questions you are asking us and topics you would like to learn more about. If you cannot find the answer to your questions here, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support.

When will I get a discount for my last purchase?

To receive an additional discount your order must be completed successfully. The discount is added to your Account when you have the ordered book in your hands and we received money for it.

How can I use the discount received for my last purchase?

To use any discount it is necessary to log in using each time the same credentials. Otherwise the discount will not be applied because our system will not recognize that you already purchased at our shop.

What is a reprint?

If in the book details you can see that a reprint is being prepared it means that this book is at the moment not available and its publisher prepares a reprint or is reprinting. If the reprint date is known, it is visible in the book details. You have the possibility to pre-order the title and in the moment it is available we send it to you.

What is a difference between reprint and new edition?

If a book is sold out but readers still have an interest in it, it will be reprinted. Reprints contain no major changes in the comparison to the original editions. In the event of a new edition the EAN code is different and in some cases the book cover is changed. Additionally, information in the professional literature often is updated. Information about book availability in the majority of cases you can find on our web site in the book details.

Can I buy a book with status not available?

If in the book details you can see status “not available”, it means that the publisher does not have this book in stock anymore. Therefore, the title is at the moment out of our stock with no information about its availability in the future. Not always it is a permanent status. The very last copies can be still available at some bookstores.

Can you provide me with books which are not present in your offer?

Yes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a title which we do not have currently in our offer. We will put all our efforts to provide you with the book as soon as possible.

Why are also sold out books presented in your offer?

We do not just sell books; first of all we like them. And that's why we would like to be a good information source on the book market. If you want to choose from the available books only, we recommend using the search filter which will limit search results to only available books.

I have just placed an order and noticed another item which I would like to buy. What should I do?

Until the purchased merchandise is sent, you can order additional items at any time. Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support in case you need any help with changing your order.

If I order more items with different delivery dates, will I receive them at once or gradually?

Usually, we ship the entire order at once. In case you ordered a few titles with various delivery dates, we will send the order when all books are available in our store. If you wish the books to be sent separately please contact us. In this case, however, you will be charged for each shipped package.

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